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Date(s) - 08/04/2015 - 11/04/2015
08:00 - 17:30

Hoërskool Garsfontein courts


Dates: Day 1, Wednesday, 8 April 2014 [08:00 – 17:30]Day 2, Thursday, 9 April 2014 [180-200 minutes singles and 40-60 minutes lectures]Day 3, Friday, 10 April 2014 [180-200 minutes singles and 40-60 minutes lectures]Day 4, Saturday, 11 April 2014 [09:00-17:30] Doubles with 15-20 different partners
Venues Courts in the East of Pretoria
Order of Play on day 1 Rating Test followed by Elarduspark Challenge Doubles and lectures [09:30 -17:30]
Order of Play on day 2 & 3 Singles in groups according to strengths [ITN Rating] Red group [Rating 8-10][06:00 – 10:00]; Platinum group [Rating 3-6][10:00 – 14:00]; Gold group [Rating 7] [14:00 – 18:00]
Order of Play on day 4 Doubles with 20 different partners [7 hours]
Cost per Hour R20/hour X 30 hours = R600.00
Closing Date 25 March 2015

Are you interested in playing a tennis tournament every holiday on venues in Pretoria East?

  1. Motivation why the matches are competitive
    1. Players are subjected to a tennis standard test at the beginning of each tournament.

An official ITF team does an ITN Rating test at the beginning of the tournament at Hoërskool Garsfontein courts. This test determines the exact tennis ability of every player.   The results of the tests ensure that players of equal strength are placed in three groups [Beginners; Intermediate and Advanced]. If a player test results show they are too strong for a group they get a handicap. No age or gender restrictions per group.

  1. The reason there is a balance between competitive tennis and fun tennis
    1. The competitive singles program runs for 8 hours over two days and the social doubles program runs for 11 hours over two separate days.
      1. On the first day before, during and after the ITN Rating Test take place doubles matches take place. You don’t need a partner because you change your partner three times in an Elarduspark Challenge format.
      2. On the fourth day there is 7 hours of doubles to determine a trophy winner. Each player has a minimum of 15 different partners. The role of the weaker player is very important to determine the final single doubles winner. How you co-operate with your partner is the pathway to success.
    2. The program caters for a clinic during rest periods
      1. Each tournament there is a theme which deals with tennis theory [e.g mental toughness; how to play doubles; etiquette]. Lectures by coaches are combined with U-tube videos.
    3. Why a player will be taught values for life at the tournament
      1. The name of the tournament is the Good News Holiday Handicap Tournament and Clinic because:
        1. An evangelist, Andrè Cillie introduces the theme out of a Biblical perspective while presenting a tennis related gospel where Jesus Christ is glorified. An hour is set aside for this on the first day.
        2. In the smaller groups where coaches deal with the theme once or twice a day life applications are made on the court and in life of the correct action to be taken.
      2. Why the Good News Holiday Handicap Tournament and Clinic is value for money?
        1. The approximate 20 hour program takes place over four days. Includes the following:
          1. ITN Rating Test [40 minutes]; 6 hours singles; 11 hours doubles including rest periods and lectures on how to play doubles; approximate two hours lectures on the theme; one hour Biblical perspective on the theme; one hour fun games.
        2. The cost per hour for entertainment is R30/hour. Entry is accepted if you pay R600.00 or indicate you need a sponsor for entry. Parents are encouraged to part sponsor children who can’t afford it. There have been 19 tournaments [every holiday for the past 4 years] and we have always found sponsors for everyone wanting to play
      3. How do you receive more information about the upcoming tournament?
        1. Enter online.
        2. After your details are on the database you will receive an invitation every holiday.



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