GNTM Try-it-out red ball tennis tournament flyer

Welcome to Good News Tennis Ministries

We invite all interested parents to bring their children to theirfirst

                                      “Try It Out Red Ball Tournament”.

This is where your child can discover their unique tennis talents. Kids love to play and compete They will enjoy exploring and showing off their skills.

  • All they need to start are “tackies” (running or tennis or informal).
  • We provide racquets for 4 to 6-year-old and a little larger for 7-10 year old children.
  • Smaller courts and racquets and lower nets together with the slower special red balls make it easy to start enjoying tennis from a very young age.    

                       When, What, Where and How

  • Every first Saturday of each month an experienced “play and stay coach” will supervise a red ball tournament at the Lynnwood Glen Tennis courts (close to Menlyn).
  • At the same time a coordination trainer will run a separate program for children who struggle to keep a ball in play.
  • Parents and players must report at 08:00am when children will undergo a co-ordination test to determine their skill level.
  • There will be a 15-minute talk on how to foster the love of tennis through tennis etiquette based on a scripture (attendance is not compulsory.)
  • Parents must fetch their children at 10:30 am after the prize-giving where each child will receive a merit prize based on their exhibited strenghts.
  • If you are interested, email: to receive:
  • Directions to Lynnwood Glen Tennis courts.
  • Entry form to be completed and returned to Good News Tennis
  • Bank details to pay R150. (racquet hire included) by EFT (This is a 50% discounted price for term 3)
  • Links to pages on for further information and frequently asked questions
  • Link to the testimonial about the owner and GNTM. www.goodnewstennis/about/
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