Players status of GNT red ball match day medallions before 5 October 2019

All the Novice and Red Ball player medallions are still based on participation. As they play more the medallions are based on merit or number of wins against Red Ball players of a similar strength. The novice players and red ball players appear on different tables because the promotion criteria differ.

LastnameFirstnameCompleted MDMedallion before 5 OctHow many MD before promotionNext Medalion
de KockIsabella2Novice 42Novice 3
DukuzaIsphile02Novice 4
DukuzuUsisipho02Novice 4
HugoMarnie4Novice 3Determined by skill improvement Novice 2
HugoDeinaard3Novice 4 1Novice 3
MashoeneOmogau1Novice 4
VlokMegan2Novice 42Novice 3
Last nameFirst nameMatch #Medallion before 5 OctMatch # still to be completed for promotionNext maedallion
AspeleanKara13Red 327Red 2
ClaasenNaya06Red 4
ClaasenZinahao6 Red 4
du Plessis Hendri28Red 312Red 2
du PlessisBenade21Red 319Red 2
GanaNsuku18Red 322Red 2
Gumede Junette6Red 440Red 3
Gumede Julianna6 Red 440 Red 3
JoubertMieke06Red 4
Kluge Gustav06Red 4
LusangaJohno6Red 4
MaineOmolemo13Red 327Red 2
MangongoloCharis06Red 4
MangongoloChanan06Red 4
MokoroDakalo22Red 3 18Red 2
Molotjane Nomsa7Red 4 33 Red 3
MyburghErnst42Red 4
PotgieterAva28Red 312Red 2
Potgieter Emma28Red 312Red 2
vRensburgKeanan21Red 319Red 2
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