Report – Saturday 21 Feb 2015 Mini-Tournament


The nine lessons learnt are in the first report. The Strengths, Weaknesses, and Opportunities are listed in the SWOT analysis. In the group appreciation report special mention is made of some people who contributed to a blessed mini-tournament.

Lessons learnt from Saturday, 31 January 2015 Mini-tournament

  1. Investigate change of schedule so that players can stay at the courts for longer without going home. Investigate that only two groups play per day and that there is coaching from 07:30-09:30. The seniors play once a month and the juniors play once a month and there is a tournament every two weeks.
  2. Market the ITN number which could change marginally after each match to generate interest among the players. Publish the updated results on the website.
  3. Arrange for gazebos early in the week to ensure we get them.
  4. The snoepie does not do well as players go home after matches.
  5. Gazebos are needed at court 2 and 3 as there is no shade.
  6. Although the braai is not popular there are usually three families who make use of it.
  7. More marketing needs to be done that players play in school tennis clothes and that the photographer will be present to take photos. Children in school uniforms photos are published on their school’s website.
  8. New tennis balls last longer than second hand tennis balls so the balls are seldom replaced.
  9. Ice creams can be sold by players who don’t need to pay entrance fees.

SWOT Analysis of Saturday, 21 February 2015 Mini-Tournament


  1. Continual follow-up by Tournament Director to ensure there were 22 entries.
  2. Fourteen girls entered of which most were from H/S Garsfontein.
  3. Everyone paid and arrived on time.


  1. High cost of telephonic follow-up and time taken to ensure the field is complete.
  2. Only 4 senior boys and 4 junior boys were willing to enter.


  1. There is an activity every three weeks and some players are regularly consider entering each event.
  2. To make maximum use of courts and avoid hiring other courts in 2016 hold a tournament every two weeks and alternate between senior and junior tournaments.


  1. Many players want special treatment for earlier matches on Saturday late afternoon/evening because of other commitments.
  2. Tired players are reluctant to return for third late afternoon/evening matches.


Saturday, 21 February 2015 Mini-tournament Appreciation Report

  1. Hoërskool Garsfontein
    1. Elisma Reid for loaning the four Garsie gazebos to Good News Tennis Ministries
    2. Fanus Botha for transporting the four gazebo’s and the braais to the tennis hut.       For cleaning the tennis hut and seeing to it the courts were in perfect order.
    3. Retief Smith for authorising the use of school facilities for the mini-tournament.
    4. Egideon Ludick for making security arrangements to enter the school before sunrise and leave after sunset.
  2. Photographer,       Annette Basson for making time to take photos of the players over three hours.
  3. Braaier, Nico Basson for braaing meat for the parents according to each ones specification.
  4. Parents for making sure their children arrive on time and then supporting them enthusiastically. Many parents helped to pack away gazebo’s tennis chairs after their children had played the final matches.
  5. Players need to complimented for their tennis etiquette. There were no incidents of poor sportsmanship. Exhausted players must be thanked for coming back for their last match late in the day. Dian van Schalkwyk, Devan Jansen van Vuuren and Ulrich Swart must be thanked for erecting and taking down the spectator gazebos.
  6. We praise God the Father, God the Son and the Holy Spirit for a blessed mini-tournament.





Written by: Pierre Lubbe

Good News Tennis Ministries Tournament Director

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