Saturday, 21 Feb Mini-tournament news

14 girls, 4 senior boys and 4 U/15 boys entered into Good News Saturday, 21 February Mini-tournament

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Have you seen your action photograph in the photo album of the website ? Have you seen how every match result in 2015 is used to compute your ITN Rating [Look in results menu on every page of the website]

Please wear your schools tennis clothes on Saturday as there will be a professional photographer taking action shots. Schools like Garsies only publish photos if players are in the schools tennis clothes. Electronic action photographs will once again be sold at R20.00/photograph.

Please don’t withdraw unless it is critical because the opponent and their family have planned for the match. If you have to withdraw please don’t stop trying to phone me. An email or sms reach me too late. The earlier I know the earlier I can deal with the crisis e.g. phoning until I find a replacement player.

There will be no shade on the courts so players must take precautions against dehydration. Teach your child to drink water all the time! If they get thirsty the damage is already done!

Players must arrive 15 minutes before the appointed time. You welcome to phone me to find out if we behind or ahead of schedule to avoid frustration. Parents please come view the must view 8 minute video on how to be good tennis parents. For players waiting for their next game there are many good videos on mental toughness or any shot you struggling with.

God bless

Pierre Lubbe

Tournament Director for Good News Tennis Ministries

Download or view Saturday’s schedule for each player by clicking on post below:




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