Status of 2 November 19 medallions for Good News Tennis red ball match days.

Before a child goes to normal balls when entering high school there is a staggered journey with sixteen levels. There are four major stages (Novice, Red, Orange and Green), each with four levels. For the Good News Tennis robot tennis stages (red-, orange- and green-ball) the first two levels are based on participation (level 4 and level 3) and the second two levels are based on merit (level 2 and level 1).

Presently Good News Tennis red ball match days are between Novice and Red ball stages. Both are in the participation stages.

LastnameFirstnameMatchBefore 2NovIncompleteNext
AspeleanKara13Red 327Red 2
du PlessisHendri28Red 312Red 2
du PlessisBenade21Red 312Red 2
DakuzaIsphile6Red 434Red 3
GanaNsuku18Red 322Red 2
Maine Omolemo13Red 327Red 2
MokoroDakalo22Red 318Red 2
MolatjaneNomsa7Red 433Red 3
MybergErnst33Red 4
NareMotlatsi12Red 434Red 3
PotgieterAva34Red 36Red 2
PotgieterEmma34Red 36Red 2
van RensburgKeanan21Red 319Red 2
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