About the owner


Information about the owner of the Good News Tennis Ministries

  1. Origin of Passion

I am a Christian who has a passion for tennis. My supportive wife, Michelle who also loves tennis has encouraged my passion.

  1. Service to Elarduspark Tennis Club [1999-2005]

I began this project after having written various newsletters, arranging evening tennis competitions for 70 players and serving on the committee of the largest tennis club in South Africa.

  1. Gauteng North Junior Club League [2006-2007]

I resigned my duties at Elarduspark Tennis Club after the Chairman of Gauteng North Tennis Association, Clark Coetzee asked me to run a Junior Club Saturday League. It was a faith project because each year the Tshwane buses to transport development players from the townships were only approved days before the league started. The challenge was to get these buses to drop off players on time at courts scattered throughout the suburbs of Pretoria.

At the height of the challenge I had financial commitments towards my family so I had to resign at the end of my second year to start a part-time business.

  1. Hoƫrskool Garsfontein Parent Tennis Committee [2010-2014]

When my wife became the tennis organiser at Hoƫrskool Garsfontein I helped her at every opportunity. I became secretary of the Parent Tennis Committee when my daughter started playing. I threw myself into the job thoroughly enjoying it. While I obtained my Play and Stay Coaching qualification I learnt that it is competition that drives tennis. In 2012 I volunteered to be the Match Secretary to maximise competitive playing opportunities throughout the year for 100 Garsie players. The holiday program alone accounted for 46% percent of all Garsie tennis.

  1. Baseline League [2012-2014]

Leon Rheeder streamlined the vision, mission and goals to make Garsies a tennis school. He commissioned me to start the Baseline League so that all 100 players had an opportunity to play competitive tennis in the off-season. Schools from as far as Krugersdorp and Bronkhorstspruit also played in the league.

  1. Origin of service for Profit [2013/14]

At the end of 2013 I received permission from the Parent Committee to run tournaments and do coaching for a personal profit. Although I am no longer on the committee, as my daughter has left school, I have continued my activities running under the name of the Good News Tennis Ministries.

  1. Origin of Good News Tennis Ministries [2014]

I was inspired by my mentor, Andre Cillie: an ex-tennis coach who ran tennis tournaments for 27 years and has since April 2014 opened the tournament/clinics based on a gospel message, to start this program. I would like to base my clinics and tournaments on a gospel message also.

  1. Source of constant improvement

After most activities a SWOT analysis report is published which leads to a cycle of new innovations as every effort is made to improve the enjoyment of tennis. The latest innovation is an interactive data base website. Manual tasks will be done by an automated website; the time saved will be used to launch four Clinics and ten Saturday Three Cycle Match Programs.

  1. Future

The objective is to transform this hobby to a viable small business. I have attempted to keep fees low just to cover costs, the utmost effort has been made to ensure that all players can enter regardless of any financial difficulty they might have in raising fees, with the help of willing parents.


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