October 2019 Tennis Fun for Kids Newsletter

The objective of the monthly newsletter is to keep parents/players, coaches, clubs, schools, tennis representatives bodies (GTA; TSA; Tshwane Coaches Association) informed of GNT journey and progress.

The short term focus was on increasing the number of potential entrants on the GNT database. Of the 32 players on the database seventeen entered. Two players transport was cancelled; A parent of two children had an unexpected emergency on 5 October; One mother had to go into the office. Two families did not excuse themselves. Of the 11 that entered two arrived as spectators and played.

On the marketing front the GNT Digital Friends shared their wisdom with the graphic designer, Chris deBruyne of Seventh Season. The quality of Seventh Season’s work can be seen in the logo above and the flyer below. An appointment with Tshwane Primary Schools Tennis Association Committee was secured for 9 October 2019. A similar short presentation will be made at the Tshwane Coaches Association AGM on 2 November. With both these groups a partnership will be encouraged to double the number of beginners in Tshwane by November 2020. The school and it’s coach can partner with GNT to expose every child in the school to 30 minutes of tennis in school time.

Compix’s data system will in future be known as GNT Tennis Management System is 95% completed. AndrĂª Nieuwoudt recently realized that the website has to be linked to the Tennis Management System which has caused the delay. Seventh Season is responsible for all steps to use Facebook advertisements as another channel of marketing. The first 100 flyers were printed and most of them were handed out before the 5 October tournament.

Emma has been unbeaten four tournaments. The medal Benade received was for his good forehand. Rochelle who is the only coached player demonstrated a promising backhand. Herman’s volley caught many of his opponents flat footed. Keanan earned the most important medal and that was for Sportsmanship. Ava who was unbeaten in August demonstrated good footwork. Gustav was wanting to use his overhand service often was awarded a medal for a promising serve. Isphilo who had his first taste of tennis received recognition for being a worthy opponent. Kuhie exhibited a positive attitude while improving his strike rate. Sisipho showed good progress within the session. Marnie was determined to strike every ball as she could received a determination award.

Hendri du Plessis experiencing a coordination challenge

A major concern is parents not paying by EFT before the red ball match day and simply not arriving or withdrawing the night before. We introduced the “sweetner” of making the first GNT red ball match day free. These parents have not committed to tennis in general, They very easily say they are coming and they often do not arrive. A solution is sought to get parents to commit even if there are challenges. Dave Ellis the marketing consultant from the The Fire Agency needs to be asked for advice.

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